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Guiding the path to mental wellness

Humanistic approches in counselling

Empowering individuals to conquer depression

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About Me

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Hello! I am SujathaRani. I specialize in working with individuals on their journey of self reflection and improving their self esteem and confidence, forming fulfilling relationships with themselves and others with a positive approach. Struggling with anxiety, depression, insomnia, work life balance, relationships can be challenging and no one is exempted from life challenges but they are not meant to be dealt with alone.

My area's expertise includes working with young adults ,women and old age people, this may include study related problems, depression, insomnia, anxiety, work life balance, health, family, relationships.

  • My Qualifications include MBA , PG Diploma in Guidance and counselling, and Member of the National Federation of Neurolinguistic Programming, Florida ,USA.

  • Well versed in 4 languages.

  • Started as a consultant in NIFT-TEA, Tirupur on 1995 and having rich experience in counseling Providing you a space of comfort, self revelation, non judgment, confidentiality, Person centered, individual approach.

I am here to help and support you.

Our Services

Girls Counselling - age group from 13 to 18.

We will tactically deal with your children any unusual , problematic , harmful behaviours. We deal with exam stress, relationship issue with friends, elders etc., We help to improve the concentration of your children in studies. We assist your children to get good marks in the exams and to cope up with life. Girls mostly hesitate to reveal their dark secrets to parents. We are safe, loving, your girls will know it, they will feel comfortable with us.

We help

  • To acquire skills.
  • To deal with stress
  • To handle study related issues
  • To avoid too much psychological
    dependence to others / love / mobile phones.
  • To get recovered in case of abuses.
  • To get relief from suicidal thoughts.
  • To have positive approach to life.

Your girl will start to love the parents and life.

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Our Services

Ladies counselling – Age group from 18 to 50.

We provide individual therapy. You can tell all your experiences , feelings and fears to us. You can share any intimate or traumatic ones you have never talked about with anyone else. We offer you the confidence and self-awareness to face your everyday life and relationships. Our individual therapy can help you to deal with issues like

  • Anxiety, Phobias, Stress, Depression, Guilt, Low-self-esteem ,
  • Domestic abuse in families and mental ill health.
  • Violence or emotional abuse.
  • Sexual abuse as an adult or child.
  • Self – harm or suicidal thoughts.
  • Bereavement/loss , unemployment, relationship breakdown

We will help you to establish cordial relationship within family members and also in the outside world.

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Our Services

Both men and women – Age group 50 and above.

Sickness / hospitalization can be stressful and an emotional experience for both the patients and their families. We offer counselling for both to the patients and the family members to cope up the emotional pains related to healthcare.

We give a humanistic and friendly support and guidance.

  • Super ageing is a social concern now. Many old age parents live away from their children. They don’t have any outlet to share their feelings and pains.
  • In the growing competitive world, children also run to earn for livelihood.
  • Most of the children live in abroad and parents in India. Its an inevitable situation.
  • Unconditionally, we will listen to your elders.
  • We will guide the elders to face the pain of heart and the physical ailments.
  • We will remain a bridge between you and your parents.
  • We will try to bring out the inner ecstasy of your elders.

Wherever you are in the world,
Don't worry, we will assist you and your elders.

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